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Best Band for weddings and corporate parties - The Grooves

You won't find a better variety show band for weddings or corporate parties than The Grooves which has been touted as the most entertaining variety dance band in Austin. Like most Austin bands, they cut their teeth on the Austin music scene and have made a name for themselves by packing dance floors on Sixth Street, weddings, or at huge events for Fortune 500 companies. To see this rave band in action, click here to see their Live Video.


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A blues and jazz band from Austin, Texas - Red Young

Red Young is an extremely versatile and experienced musician who’s had a very rewarding music career. Known for his bluesy jazz sound, he’s performed blues, rock and roll, jazz, r&b, classical music and soul all while maintaining his unique quality throughout different genres. He works as an organist, pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader and producer, while playing various clubs during the week in Austin, Texas and a variety of venues across the country.

Black Red Black is one of the projects he’s held in highest regards that features Austin’s own Ephraim Owens on trumpet and Brannen Temple on drums as well as other guests which include Shelley Carrol on tenor sax. Black Red Black is the name of the band and it’s proved to be an amazing vessel allowing him to harness his creative juices and express them fluently as a no rules musical conversation between the instruments. He’s been playing one residency in Austin every Tuesday for over 6 years and doesn’t plan on changing it any time soon.  



Red’s grandmother was singing at their local church when he was born and started teaching him how to sing by the age of three. By the time he was five, Red was already on his way to becoming classically trained on piano and performed Chopin at his first classical recital when he was ten. His dad, being a former trumpet player, had an incredibly influential record collection of 78s and LPs that allowed Red to become engulfed in music by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, the King Cole Trio, Duke Ellington, the Mills Brothers and Count Basie. He was playing jazz piano by the time he started junior high and quickly learned how to play whatever he was listening to on records.

Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans became large inspirations to him and after he learned how to play stride piano, played with a Benny Goodman style swing trio. Singing occasionally helped him become known as a valuable vocal accompanist. At the age of nine Red he was an accompanying his grandmother’s church singing and the chorus in junior high school where he started writing vocal and instrumental arrangements. He was a student at North Texas State for a short period of time before dropping out to accompany other singers at local nightclubs and on studio recordings. His landed his first serious job playing music in 1966 when he joined trumpet player Clyde McCoy’s band, who was known best by his one hit version of “Sugar Blues” that featured McCoy’s wah-wah trumpet. Red was a perfect fit for the Dixieland and swing band as he played stride piano well after learning all those 1920’s songs from his dad’s record collection.


While Red was only eighteen, Clyde was 64 and the band was doing well enough to allow them travel constantly around the country. The Clyde McCoy group appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and during Red’s trips to New York, was granted the opportunity on several occasions to play with cornetist-violinist Ray Nance from the famous Duke Ellington as well as featured veteran clarinetist Sol Yaged. Red joined the air force in 1968 and played in service bands until his discharge in 1972. During his service he performed at a plethora of concerts and even learned how to write for horns. Once out of the Air Force, Red lived and worked in Texas where he recorded and performed with a number of artists including Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Lloyd price. He later moved to Los Angeles in 1977 and started arranging and playing music for Sonny and Cher, with whom he had a long standing association with. During his time in L.A., Young also worked with other well known artists, which include Victor Feldmans’s Generation Band, Linda Ronstadt and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. After becoming accustomed to writing and performing for other musicians he decided to change directions in his career by moving to Ft. Worth in ’85 where he started his own band called Red and The Red Hots. The ten piece swing band showed off Red’s world class talent as a musical director and composer, as well as a lead vocalist and pianist. They went on to record four albums and toured extensively until Red returned to Los Angeles in ’88.


The Retro Swing movement was preceded by Red and The Red Hots and during the 90’s Red wrote horn parts and collaborated with many of the movement’s renowned artists. Red Young moved back to Texas by 2002 where he lived in Austin before moving to Dallas to help run Django On The Parkway, a popular nightclub hosting live music year round. Although he sincerely enjoyed running the music aspect of the club, the monotonous details of keeping a nightclub functioning began to burn him out. After a few years an old friend of his, Eric Burdon of The Animals, asked Red to join him on tour with his band. Red didn’t hesitate to take the offer and was relieved to finally have a change of scenery. When Red isn’t touring with Burdon, he can be found playing around Austin’s jazz scene where he plays in local clubs more than 15 nights a month. He still plays twice a week with Black Red Black at The Gallery above Continental Club on the magnetic South Congress Avenue.


His concentration when he moved back to Austin from L.A. was Jazz Organ and has been a huge inspiration to many of the young performers looking to follow in his footsteps. One of the projects he’s currently working on consists of 5 horns with Red singing while playing piano. He calls the band Red Young and His Hot Horns and considers it amongst the styling of Ray Charles, Percy Mayfield, Joe Williams and Jimmy Witherspoon. He’s also got a group called Tenor Madness where he teams up his Hammond B3 organ with a couple of tenor saxophones and a drummer. He’s also recorded and produced two albums with his talented wife, Silvie Rider Young, who’s an extraordinary jazz singer with their latest album receiving a great amount of airplay on Swiss Jazz radio. Whatever the future has in store for Red Young will surely be as inspirational as he has been to countless others across the planet and his potential will continue to be realized as he plays with new ideas and projects. His love of jazz, orchestra, and classical music will be a huge inspiration in his playing and his art will evolve effortlessly for years to come.

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