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Best Band for weddings and corporate parties - The Grooves

You won't find a better variety show band for weddings or corporate parties than The Grooves which has been touted as the most entertaining variety dance band in Austin. Like most Austin bands, they cut their teeth on the Austin music scene and have made a name for themselves by packing dance floors on Sixth Street, weddings, or at huge events for Fortune 500 companies. To see this rave band in action, click here to see their Live Video.


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Austin bands The Grooves

Austin Bands

Welcome to Austin Bands - the premier web directory listing for the Austin, Texas live music and Austin Bar scene. We have put together the best list anywhere of all the places you need to visit while in Austin. We have visited all these wonderful places and offer you our insight into what makes each of them so good. No matter who you are or how you like to spend your nights out, Austin is supplied with a seemingly limitless list of places to get your own special groove on - so get started tonight!

Top 10 Local Austin Bands

We have put together a listing of what believe are the Top 10 local Austin bands. As you are planning your next night out, be sure and check to see if one of these Hot Austin area favorites are playing and be sure to check them out!


One of the Great Austin bands playing rock and roll with a Latin and funk flare, this local Austin band was formed by the three Vallejo brothers A.J., Alejandro, and Omar and has been churning out fabulous rock tunes since the early ninties in the Austin and surrounding area. This incredible group of soulful Austin song writers have carved their own unique niche and style into the Austin music scene and are a must see.

The Grooves

The Grooves are a dynamic, high energy live variety and cover band. Pop, Country, Rock, Standards, Jazz, Disco, R&B, Oldies—they play it all. Available for weddings, private parties, corporate events, festivals, clubs—any event that needs great music and entertainment! This amazing musical group is extremely popular all across Texas. See their website for information on commissioning the band for your event - Austin Bands - The Grooves.

Dead Love Club

Dead Love Club is a mix of lusty grooves, rock, electronica, and broadway burlesque style stage presence mixing powerful vocals, drum grooves and the vocal performance talents of Emmy "Ferocious E" Robbin and Alex Vallejo. This band is raw entertainment with full light show and stage production and play not only original music but also your favorite hits and you're guaranteed to hear one of your favorite tunes from the 80's on beckoning you to the dance floor.

Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider is one of the legendary singer-songwriters of bands in Austin that cut his teeth in great bands like Joe Rockhead, The Scabs, and The Ugly Americans which built a huge following in small clubs on legendary Sixth Street in Austin Texas such as The Black Cat Lounge, The Steamboat and the Cannibal Club. His always eclectic styles vary from funk, and pop, to the seedy and always entertaining lounge music of one of Austin’s favorite bands, The Scabs. Bob is an amazing showman and always gets the crowd rocking with fun audience participation.

Del Castillo

Del Castillo is the renowned Austin Latin band fronted by Rick del Castillo and Mark del Castillo. This high energy Austin band blends many styles including flamenco, rock, Latin and world music. The focal point of this band is Rick and Mark’s amazing dueling Latin guitar solos. Del Castillo has performed with many legendary acts such as Don Henley, Styx and Willie Nelson.

David Garza

David Garza moved to Austin, Texas to attend the University of Texas where he performed in the legendary band Twang Twang Shockaboom which drew a huge following of students from the university. His style is pop rock and eventually garnered a deal with Lava/Atlantic and toured around the Austin area entertaining crowds of all ages. He has also toured with greats such as Smashing Pumpkins and Ani Difranco.

The Bad Livers

This great Blue Grass group combines many styles from not only Blue Grass but rock, punk, and traditional folk. This fun band packed the clubs in Austin, Texas in 1991 and received great accolades from the South By Southwest music fest the following year. They put their own special take on many tunes and songs in their set and you could hear anything from Slayer, to Iggy Pop, the Misfits, and Monk.

Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross is best known for his hit song Sailing and earned three Grammy awards in 1981. He started his music career in a band in San Antonio called Flash and then signed a record deal with Warner Brothers. He has since played many shows in Austin and his last release was A Christopher Cross Christmas released in 2007. His latest album should be released some time in 2010.

Dangerous Toys

This legendary 80’s rock band formed in 1987 in Austin, Texas and delivered great hard rock to the metal masses. Their style was bluesy hard rock They signed on with Columbia Records and made a lasting stand with down and dirty hard rock and scored the two great hits Teasin’ Pleasin’ and Scared which led to a gold album. They still perform shows from time to time to huge crowds starved for the great old 80’s metal that has since fallen by the wayside.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is the amazing guitar virtuoso from Austin, Texas that writes and sings pop rock to packed houses in Austin and surrounding areas. His amazing chops blend Beatles, Chet Atkins, Jimi Hendrix and Albert King. He has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and is cited as one of the best guitar players in modern times.

Robert Earl Keen

Robert Earl Keen is one of the country legends of Austin bands who writes songs in a story telling style. His number one hit “The Road Goes On Forever” tells the story of a wild pair going off Bonnie and Clyde style after their small town life doesn’t pay the bills. This tune is an anthem in Texas and has crowds singing along at Keen’s shows at a feverish pitch. Keen also has other hits such as “Copenhagen”, a tongue in cheek song about girl friends and the nasty cowboy habit of dipping. Keen’s great stories in his songs have gained him a legendary place in Austin music.

Red Young

Red Young is Houston's Bluesy, Jazzy style musician who has been around for a coon's age and is quite the jack of all trades being competent as a pianist, composer, and producer to name a few. You can catch him in the Houston Club scene where he's been entertaining music lovers for decades.

Fast Ball

Austin' pop band Fastball plays mainstream rock hits and although their songs were strong, it took being in the right place at the right time for their band to take off. With a guest appearance on the Conan Obrien show to showcase their talents, this little Austin band suddenly were platinum recording artists.

: Houstonian Big Band



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Austin Live Music

With the recent boom in the local music scene in Austin, live music is as easy to find as beer. When it comes to bars and clubs specializing in live music, the options are seemingly limitless. Sultry jazz dens, blues-filled hotspots and country music joints are the main players in the scene, but even obscure styles of electronic music and psychedelic funk have a place to call home. Enormous dance floors at many spots allow for hours of dancing, especially when a hot Latin band takes to the stage with spicy salsa notes and salacious tango rhythms. There are live music clubs in Austin that feature some of the most deafening rock bands around, and there are even places for hardcore Christian rockers to hear some serious Jesus-inspired metal songs. If anyone ever says that the live music scene in Austin is limited, they’re either a big fat liar or they’re just plain dumb; in either case, don’t listen to them.

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Austin Bars

While mention of the great state of Texas may call to mind images of cowboys, cows and sheriffs on a power trip, Austin is actually a place where the nightlife scene is just about as hip as anywhere else in the country and you don’t need to know how to wrangle a bull to enjoy it. Twenty-somethings and SMU students have their beer-slamming havens, thirty-somethings have plenty of wine and martini bars, and everyone who has an insatiable appetite for dancing has their pick from plenty of dance clubs that offer every type of music you can move your feet to. Somewhere in the mix you can also find places to hang your hat and ride a mechanical bull, since it just wouldn’t be Texas if there weren’t a mechanical bull involved. And what kind of progressive culture would we be living in if there weren’t a thriving gay scene as well? Big D has a variety of rainbow-happy bars that are wildly popular and pleased to serve everyone from flamboyant boys in pink to gritty babes in leather.

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